About Over the Counter (OTC) CBD

CBD is the main ingredient in medical marijuana brings relief for pain, anxiety, insomnia. So, why not just get some CBD at the health food store or on-line at Walmart.com?


CBD is everywhere, including at shell station. It is over-the-counter (OTC), which means it is unregulated by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. The law is quite clear: manufacturers can put whatever they want in the bottle and can claim whatever they want on the label, as long as they also post somewhere in small print that “This product is not intended to treat any medical condition.” They can say they put CBD in the bottle without putting CBD in the bottle. They can claim they sent it to a lab to certify the CBD content without sending to a lab. They can do whatever they want, and it is legal.


Note for people who are concerned with testing positive for THC in the workplace: you may avoid legal medical marijuana out of fear of a random drug test and therefore feel OTC CBD would be a safe alternative. Since the OTC CBD market is unregulated, there are manufacturers who have illegally put THC into their product!


You can have any product tested to put your mind at ease, but it costs money. I paid $50 to Steep Hill laboratories to assess the CBD content of a product purchased on-line.


Given that level of uncertainty, some people will be better off getting relief through the dispensaries, where you know what you are getting.