About Medical Marijuana

What are the Benefits?

Medical marijuana definitely helps a lot of patients. For some people, it is the only treatment they need; for others, it works to decrease their need for other medications, opiates, anti-depressants, sleeping medications etc. 

But it is not a cure-all. Beware of claims made on the internet. The science behind medical marijuana is just up to speed yet, since research was impossible to do for the last 50 years. What We do know is that it is helpful for the conditions listed, and it might be great for other diseases and conditions, we just don’t know yet. Rest assured, though, that the list of approved conditions will grow over time.

Please avoid any website that claims that marijuana can replace chemotherapy for cancer. It can help with the nausea, depression, pain after surgery and lack of appetite, but as of yet has no proven anti-cancer benefits.

Are there risks?

Of course. For example, if you take a preparation with too much CBD for you, you may fall asleep: this is bad if you are at work or driving. If you take a preparation with too much THC for you and you have a tendency towards anxiety, you may become outright paranoid, which is no fun.

At greatest risk are new users who have not yet discovered what dose and THC:CBD ratio works best for them. Since no one can tell ahead of time what will work best for them, experimentation is required. This is not a bad thing, just unusual in the medical world.

The general rule is to start low and then go up slow. For ingested preparations, wait for at least 2 hours before you decide that it isn’t working and increase the dose.